Rhum J.M EDDEN VT Hosted By Cellar Master Karine Lassalle

Rhum J.M, the largest rum distillery in Martinique imported by Spiribam (known for providing the finest rum the Caribbean has to offer) has launched The EDDEN Project, a decade worth of knowledge, technique, and research aimed to maximize the iconic rhum agricole brand as a leader in the sustainability movement.

Following strict ethical green and eco-friendly techniques passed down to preserve the region’s biodiversity, the team has reached tremendous goals: Rhum J.M has reduced carbon emissions by 90%; 100% of all waste is reused in production; 100% of all byproducts are repurposed and converted into electricity, fuel, or compost; 100% of residual liquids after fermentation and distillation are retreated and reused for fertigation; and 5.28M gallons of water has been saved and reused.

These techniques include unique harvesting and water waste treatments; volcanic soil cultivation (the distillery is nestled at the foot of Mount Pelée, an active volcano); shipping and supply chain efficiency; audits of business practices of its closest suppliers; and agricultural technology such as drones, smart tractors, meteorological software systems.

The leaders of Rhum J.M share an overall devotion to both sustainable and social progress. For example, all sugarcane farmers, planters, and partners will sign an agricultural charter by 2025 adhering to agricultural, ecological, security, and HR practices. Meanwhile, major investments have been made within the team behind the rum through technical training and career advancement initiatives. 75% of management positions are held by women and 700+ hours of continuous training for the team’s employees each year. And this is only the beginning.

To celebrate the launch we will be hosting a special virtual tasting this Monday, June 13th 4:00PM-5:00PM ET hosted by Cellar Master, Karine Lassalle. Guests will enjoy a range of Rhum J.M products such as Rhum J.M BlancRhum J.M Gold, Rhum J.M VSOP, and Rhum J.M XO. Please let me know if you will be able to join us! Attached, please find: EDDEN Press Release + EDDEN Fact Sheet + EDDEN Overview.


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