Puerto Rico Celebrates National Rum Month

Did you know that Puerto Rico is responsible for producing over 70% of all the rum sold in the U.S.?

Puerto Rico is home to household names like Bacardí to local favorites like Don Q with the Island’s rich rum history dating back to the 15th century.

Created as a byproduct of the sugar cane industry, laborers discovered that by mixing and fermenting molasses, a distilled spirit was created.  Rum!!!  There are now over 80 different types of rums on the Island and several distilleries continue production to this day.

Checkout these interesting venues for you to experience rum in Puerto Rico:

  • Casa Bacardí:

    Is the world’s largest premium rum distillery located across the bay from Old San Juan. Casa Bacardí offers guided tours that showcases the manufacturing process from sugar cane to distilled rum.

  • Castillo Serrallés:

    Built in the 1930s, the Castillo Serrallés Museum is a Spanish Revival-style home of the Serrallés family, famous for their Don Q rum. The home now serves as a permanent exhibition with guided tours in English and Spanish.
  • Hacienda Santa Ana:
  • Just 15 minutes outside San Juan, the town of Bayamón boasts the oldest distillery in Puerto Rico. Since 1880, Ron del Barrilito has been manufactured and produced in small batches. There is also a visitor center where you can learn more about the history and taste of Barrilito.
  • PitoRico:

    Take a daytrip to the town of Jayuya for some flavorful moonshine called pitorro manufactured at Destilería Cruz. Visitors can drop by the distillery to get a tour of the factory and a tasting of the different flavors of PitoRico, including coconut, passion fruit, tamarind, orange and original.

Rum History, Rum Culture, and Rum Cocktails

  • Roberto Berdecia

    • Roberto is the co-founder of La Factoría, and has more than 15 years of experience in the spirits industry. He’s been certified by the Puerto Rican Bartender Association and participated in various local bartending competitions between 2008 and 2011. Roberto can speak on all things rum, as well as the famous cocktails served at La Factoría.
  • Joel Ortega Cuevas

    • Joel is the co-owner/founder of Timber & Blues Speakeasy Bar in downtown Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. He is originally from Old San Juan and can speak on the Island’s rum culture and its history.

Rum Tasting Guide

Click here for more information on Puerto Rico’s rum tasting guide.

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