Plan a Day Trip to Harbour Island

Looking to mix it up a little on your next Eleuthera vacation? Consider a day trip to an exclusive slice of paradise known as Harbour Island.

(Better yet: Book a few overnights at the Conch Shell House, a historic, luxury home with an amazing pool from Eleuthera Vacation Rentals!

From some of the best pink sand beaches in the world to incredible dining experiences to unforgettable excursions like beach horseback riding and scuba diving, Harbour Island is a daydreamy Caribbean gem you’ll want to admire in full gleam.

Known as the “Home of Friendly People,” Harbour Island is colloquially referred to by locals as “Briland” (pronounced BRY-land), which is what “Harbour Island” sounds like when you say it fast.

Book your Harbour Island vacation today at Eleuthera Vacation Rentals.

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