Pinterest: The European Cities with the Most Beautiful Homes

Where can you find Europe’s most beautiful homes? Here are the findings according to a Pinterest study:

  • The most beautiful European homes are in Paris
  • Taking the second and third spot are capital cities Berlin and Amsterdam
  • Rounding off the top 10 in the Pinterest study of beautiful European city homes is Vienna in Austria

One of the easiest ways to locate beautiful destinations is by searching for lists online or looking at social media posts. In fact, searches for “the most beautiful city” are up by 25% compared to last year according to Google Trends, showing there is a current interest in discovering the results.

With Instagram known as the go-to picture posting platform, many would argue fellow picture posting platform Pinterest is more useful, especially when it comes to searching for holiday destinations and places to discover.

With this in mind, the experts at were intrigued to uncover which European city’s homes are the most loved. To do this, utilised Pinterest to determine the most popular based on the volume of dedicated boards.

The most beautiful European city homes

Topping the list of Europe’s most beautiful homes by a landslide is Paris, France. The modern spin on stunning historic architecture is the reason the classic Parisian home and interior is envied, with a whopping 955 boards and an impressive 47,882 pins on Pinterest.

Tip: to create your own Parisian décor in your home, avoid over-staging, less is always more and focus more on textures, colours and materials instead of styles, mix and match and don’t be afraid to break the rules!

Taking the second spot is Germany’s capital; Berlin. With 256 boards and 17,825 dedicated pins online, Berlin can be pictured embracing its gritty textures and urban aesthetic. With their edgy and artsy vibe, Berliners have mastered the simple yet effective interior and exterior!

Tip: to incorporate a Berlin vibe into your home, remember art is anything you make it, something you find on the streets or a second-hand store, you can make it into anything you want.

Placing third is Amsterdam in the Netherlands with 180 boards and 9,677 pins. Unique, creative and historic, Amsterdam is heavily influenced by its culture and is a destination that must be visited by every architecture and design lover.

Tip: to add a touch of Amsterdam to your home, think about adding bookshelves and framed posters to your living spaces and fill empty corners with plants!

Just behind in fourth place for the most beautiful European city homes on Pinterest is Athens in Greece with 177 boards and 13,607 pins. Taking the fifth spot is Venice in Italy with 158 boards and 8,748 pins.

The top 20 most beautiful European city homes

European Country City Pins Boards
11 Greece Santorini 1,970 58
12 Denmark Copenhagen 2,364 51
13 Poland Warsaw 3,275 50
14 Portugal Lisbon 1,791 49
14 Germany Munich 1,801 49
15 Turkey Istanbul 1,335 40
16 Russia Moscow 2,416 33
16 Sweden Stockholm 1,731 33
17 Switzerland Zurich 1,584 29
18 Hungary Budapest 3,239 28
18 Finland Helsinki 1,728 28
19 Russia St. Petersburg 949 27
20 Greece Mykonos 819 26


For the full breakdown, please see the blog post here:  


  1. were curious to uncover which European city’s homes are the most loved and decided to utilise Pinterest to determine the rankings based on the volume of boards.
  2. To do this, used multiple online sources such as Conde Nast Traveller, World of Wanderlust and The Planet D to create a top 40 list made up of the ‘most beautiful’ European cities.
  3. Using Pinterest, searched for boards titled “[city] home” to ensure they weren’t including irrelevant boards.
  4. Using a web scraping tool, were able to count the number of boards per city.
  5. Finally, the cities were ranked based on the number of boards dedicated to their properties.

*All data was collected on 26/08/21 and is correct as of then.

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