Pelicans Over Puppies
in Aruba

In the U.S., Advertising 101 says there is nothing with greater appeal than a puppy or a baby. On the Caribbean island of Aruba, pelicans would beg to differ.

In Super Bowl advertising, puppies often crush their competition in terms of attracting both male and female audience response. On Aruba’s Palm Beach, this pelican has been known to lock down an audience of beachcombers for infinite periods of bird watching.

Spend any amount of time on Aruba’s most popular beach and one can’t help but watch the hometown pelicans propel vertically from the sky. Once they get their fill of seafood for the day, at least one of these dive bombers takes up residence on a boat dubbed Hilda.

One of the oceanfront hotels on Palm Beach would be wise to plant their own boat about 100-yards from Palm’s pristine shoreline. Now imagine the hotel’s website name blazoned across the boat and our friend Pelly stationed atop this strategically positioned vessel.

This boat and Pelly are a photo-op waiting to happen. How long before an Aruba hotel or restaurant offers up five-star beach-side service for Pelly and his following. Remember, you heard it here first at Travel Dreams Magazine.

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