Off-Peak Travel in 2022: Where and When to Avoid the Crowds

A trusted adventure tour operator can take the worry, and complexity from the trip-planning process to deliver an unforgettable vacation.

You’ll find that a tour operator’s expert advice can make the most of your travel dollar and maximize your precious time away.

Read on for insider tips for finding the best destinations while avoiding crowds in 2022.

Wilderness Scotland – Off-Peak Perks: Autumn Colors & Wildlife

Pristine wildland opportunities abound in Scotland and yet it remains a little-known secret that the off-peak months of September-November can deliver exceptional outdoor experiences for visitors who’ve pushed back their arrival dates. During this late-season window, Scotland explodes in colorful foliage and stunning local wildlife displays, while still offering the chance to experience the same wide variety local activities that drew the attention of international travelers throughout earlier summer months—with a fraction of the crowds.

Plus the warm hues of autumn create a particularly cozy backdrop for travelers wishing to end each day’s hike with a dram of Scotch or two by the fire. And since flights from North America to Europe are often much reduced during these late-season months, visitors can plan ahead to take advantage of off-peak airfares while extending their vacation good times well into the second half of this year. Two Autumn getaways in Scotland that best capture the awe of this later season include Autumn Highlands and Autumn Wildlife. Or, for those who prefer to push their travel dates back even further, get in touch so we can share more about the magic of winter in Scotland.

Natural Habitat Adventures – Shoulder Season Delivers Dreams

Don’t worry if it seems you’ve already missed the boat on a wilderness or wildlife adventure this summer, 2022 is still young and there’s plenty of time and opportunity to get outside and explore. Plus, a little tip from those in the know: some of the best experiences are had well after the heart of the summer travel season. Just a few ideas to get you started: Alaska isn’t on everyone’s radar for fall travel, but it should be. If you are traveling by boat to experience firsthand the state’s wilderness and grizzly population or stepping out of time on a photo expedition deep in Alaskan Bear country at the Brooks Lodge—after they’ve closed for the season when the bears really take over—Alaska in the fall can seem like a whole world of your own.

Or, if international travel is back on your 2022 bucket list, you can soak in the thermal wonders and romantic colors of autumn in Iceland once the crowds start to disperse and a more leisurely pace settles back over the island. The end of the year is also a great time to explore Africa’s Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert, where the infusion of rain in the green season brings an abundance of migratory wildlife, newborn babes, and dramatically photogenic skies. Of course, fall in the southern hemisphere is equally as magical as our own, with a late March 2023 trip to Patagonia likely to include both gorgeous fall foliage as well as heavily reduced crowds (a win-win in any traveler’s memory book!).

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