Not All Wines Are Created Equal…World Vegan Day!

It’s time to enjoy wines that align with your values and can join you on your health journey!  It’s gotten easier to plan your diet and create exciting dishes for your daily routine.

But it seems finding a diverse selection of exceptional vegan & organic wines is a little harder. It’s a guessing game to make sure a wine is vegan and produced without animal by-products (commonly used in clarifying/fining).  Conventional wines can also use a long list of unwanted additives in the vineyards and winemaking that end up in the soils and the wine, which can lead to an unpleasant experience the next day!

There’s a problem most consumers have in navigating wine on a world wide scale as it’s intimidating, and even more so when you’re not willing to compromise on your lifestyle. Kind of Wild offers a world tour specifically for vegans and those looking for organic wines that meet YOUR standards – every time. No more scrolling through winery websites, searching around for those animal additives, sulfites, residual sugars, headaches literal and metaphorical.

We’re the go-to travel agent for vegan & organic wine lovers and here’s why:

  • Organically Farmed by Small Family Growers
  • Pesticide & Herbicide Free
  • Additive Free (No sugar, no flavor enhancers, like mega purple).
  • Lower in Alcohol (less than 13% ABV)
  • 3rd Party Certified by BeVeg (Vegan) & CCOF (Organic)

For 40 years we’ve been supplying the country’s top restaurants and wine shops with the world’s best wines from responsible growers and winemakers from all over the globe.

  • The idea of providing consumers with direct access to high-quality, organic and vegan certified wines.
  • Healthy soils void of chemicals and abundant in microorganisms that regenerate legacy carbon.
  • Supporting growers and winemakers who have been working in harmony with nature for generations.
  • Intentionally choosing lighter-weight packaging and shipping materials, cork closures with no capsules, and labels made from sugar cane, linen, and hemp.
  • Connecting wine drinkers with growers and winemakers who all care about the same things is what Kind of Wild Wines are all about.

From day one, the goal for founding brothers Adam and Jordan Sager has been about producing a range of sustainably made wines that are both accessible and delicious.

Now for the shameless sales pitch! Check out this handy chart we put together to show the alcohol, sugar and caloric content in our current releases. We don’t claim them to be “hangover free” as no winery can say this. But we did craft these wines to not only be better for our environment, and of course delicious, but also much kinder to all of us!

Want to learn more about what we stand for? Check out our website. Happy to send samples for an interview, product review or Podcast discussion!​

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