Natural Habitat Adventures Wants Travelers to See Jaguars in the Wild

Boulder, CO — November 29, 2022 — Natural Habitat Adventures, a leader in sustainable ecotourism with a mission of conservation through exploration, is inviting travelers to celebrate International Jaguar Day by planning a trip to Brazil to witness the beauty, power, and speed of jaguars up close.

The iconic big cat of the Americas, jaguars are on the rise in Brazil, with about 50 percent of the world’s population found in the Pantanal – a sprawling wetland and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that covers more than 75,000 square miles in the heart of the continent – where Nat Hab operates its in-depth foray into South America’s grandest wildlife realm.

In honour of International Jaguar Day (Nov. 29), Nat Hab is showcasing this amazing cat.  A muscular hunter and agile swimmer with a stunning rosette-covered coat, the jaguar  can weigh more than 300 pounds. It is one of the Pantanal’s most emblematic species, not only when considering its importance in maintaining natural landscapes and biodiversity, but also as an important symbol within indigenous cultures, with all major Mesoamerican civilizations featuring the jaguar as a god in their mythology.

Nat Hab’s 11-day Jaguars & Wildlife of Brazil’s Pantanal trip operates every summer, with 2023 departures commencing June 12 and running through September.

This past summer, jaguar sightings were through the roof, with one thrilling encounter captured on video and shared on social media, going viral with a current 29.9 million+ views on Instagram, 22.9 million+ views on Facebook, and 8.3 million+ views on TikTok. Watch it here.

Beyond the jaguars, Nat Hab’s Brazil safari offers guided exploration by boat, 4 X 4, and on foot in search of giant anteaters, giant river otters, caimans, capybaras, tapirs, ocelots, hyacinth macaws, and so much more. Guests are led by Nat Hab’s expert naturalist guides as they explore South America’s largest wildlife sanctuary on the most varied and comprehensive Pantanal itinerary available.

“International Jaguar Day celebrates this big cat’s many unique attributes, great beauty, and symbolism within the region’s indigenous communities, while also calling attention to the not-so-unique challenges the species faces when it comes to survival, including habitat loss and poaching,” said Court Whelan, Natural Habitat Adventures’ Chief Sustainability Officer. “At Nat Hab, we’re in the business getting people up close to these amazing animals so they can know them better – because you cannot save what you do not love, and you cannot love what you do not know. People must experience the world to help save it and the many creatures that call this planet home.”

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About Natural Habitat Adventures
Natural Habitat Adventures has been a trailblazer in sustainable and conservation-focused adventure travel since 1985. Leading polar bear tours in Churchill, small-group Galapagos cruises, intimate African safaris, close encounters with Alaskan grizzlies and wolf quests in Yellowstone, Nat Hab journeys, guided by professional naturalists, reveal the planet’s most extraordinary nature destinations. As the world’s first 100% carbon-neutral travel company, creator of the World’s First Zero Waste Adventure, and the conservation travel partner of World Wildlife Fund, Nat Hab offers eco-conscious expeditions from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. Nat Hab is committed to actively seeking ways tourism can lower its impact on the planet while raising global citizens’ appreciation for the wonders of nature. For more information, visit

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