Maui Volcano Curb Appeal

On the road to the top of Maui’s Haleakala volcano, one experiences several astonishing moments. One such revelation is spell-binding lawn art at the entrance of a home with Edward Scissorhands-like landscaping.

As you drive up 10,000 feet to the Haleakala pinnacle, there are dozens of visions you anticipate and many that you don’t. By itself, the idea of owning a home in an area that is so spectacularly raw, seems a bit out of place. To witness life-size animal statues fronting an Alice in Wonderland driveway is both surprising and thrilling. One can’t help but ponder, “what’s the story?”

The Haleakala Highway was completed in 1935. The sheer effort exuded into this high-altitude highway construction is matched only by the tourism vision of Maui’s forefathers. Remember, this backbreaking feat of engineering took place in an era that wasn’t close to having today’s technological advances or conveniences.

To discover a fashionable residence positioned mere minutes from a volcano’s peak is not something one prepares for. What’s joyful about this Better Homes and Gardens encounter is that it adds another chapter to your volcano journey memory.

So the next time you consider adding a piece of lawn art to your front yard, reflect for a moment on this Haleakala happening. If you’re going to buy lawn art, make sure it’s a piece that your pal next door will agree adds curb appeal. Be a good neighbor, at least until the next volcano erupts.



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