Luxury Glamping: A Global Vacation Trend

By Emma Joyce

Camping is one of the best ways to spend your free time and hang out with your loved ones doing something unusual and exciting. But, if you’re ready to take camping to a new level and invest your energy and money into finding the best camping equipment, locations, and accommodation – you’ll end up having even more fun! Doing that is what glamping is all about, so if you too are interested in exploring this popular trend that turns your camping into a luxurious experience, here are a few things you need to do.

Pick the right location

This is the most important thing when you’re going glamping because this is an amazing experience and not just any location will do. That’s why you need to think outside the box and find a spot where you can have an amazing time and enjoy nature without being bothered by dozens of other campers and random passersby. Luckily, there are tons of different places in the world where you can go and have a once-in-a-lifetime glamping experience.

From Joshua Tree and Big Sur to Bali and Tanzania – these are all the places where you can find amazing glamping spots you can enjoy all year long. If you’re into spending days doing nothing but camping, simply add luxurious glamping to your other holiday plans. For instance, you could take a road trip around Australia and spend a couple of days relaxing and glamping in the comfiest tent you’ve ever seen in your life.

Bring your entire family


Back in the day, camping used to be a boys-only activity enjoyed only by men who wanted to do something exciting and adventurous. That means this was a rather restrictive hobby that generally didn’t allow women and kids into the mix – not because the men didn’t want them around, but because things could get quite dangerous. From fire pits to poisonous snakes lurking around, lots of things could go wrong in a matter of seconds, so you couldn’t see that many women and kids camping.

Today, though, things are quite different – the concept of camping has changed, and with more and more people glamping instead of camping, now there’s room for women and children as well. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to take your entire family camping glamorously and luxuriously, especially if you want to spend some quality time with them and make your family bond stronger than ever.

Stay safe

Going anywhere in the middle of a global pandemic might not sound like the smartest thing in the world, especially if you’re a fan of popular places and tourist destinations where you can bump into hundreds or even thousands of people in just one day. So, the more remote you are, the better, which is why comping during the COVID-19 pandemic might be a great idea to save your health and protect your life.

However, that doesn’t mean you should forget all about safety measures, rules, regulations, and protocols you follow back home – in fact, you should take them seriously and stay as safe as possible before you reach home. Also, you should check out practical safety measures and take some protective equipment with you in case something goes wrong. A useful  knife, for instance, can come in handy in a number of different situations, from opening your food cans to protecting your family against dangerous predators. So, take one of these knives with you when you go glamping and enjoy the sense of comfort and safety these provide you with.

Save the planet

Another reason why glamping sounds like the perfect way to spend your free time is the fact that this type of vacation is one of the most sustainable ones out there. If you do everything right, you’ll do absolutely nothing that will harm our planet and jeopardize its health. This isn’t just a great way to vacation, but a perfect occasion to show other campers that this is possible and encourage them to be more sustainable as well.

Again, it all starts with the right choice of location, which is something a travel magazine will recommend, and there are quite a few eco-friendly spots around the world to choose from. Once you find the destination, start looking for your sustainable accommodation – from tents to traditional rural houses, everything will do, as long as it’s sustainable. Finally, don’t forget to remove all dangerous and hazardous chemicals and products from your camping site and try to keep things as natural and environmentally aware as you can until it’s time to go home.

The biggest benefit of glamping is the fact that it will inspire you to start acting and behaving more luxuriously in your daily life as well. And once you adopt a glamorous lifestyle, your life will become better than ever, and you’ll be ready to go glamping whenever you can!

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