Lone Tree on Harbour Island

Nature is responsible for hundreds of fantastic images. One of the most timeless Caribbean examples of how nature can be both a beauty and a beast is the Lone Tree on Harbour Island.

Located on the eastern edge on one of the Bahamas’ outer islands, the Lone Tree appearance can change from day to day. This low tide photo  reveals a slightly bent timber standing like a soldier amidst the Caribbean Sea. During high tide the tree exhibits a completely different identity.

The legend of the Lone Tree goes something like this: In 1992, Hurricane Andrew ravaged tiny Harbour Island, a petite three mile parcel of pink sand located about a 20-minute plane ride from Nassau.  The carnage after the hurricane left Harbour Island without electricity and in total disrepair.

Some describe Lone Tree as an almond tree, others say it’s a pine. Where the tree’s legend gets dicey is how it arrived in its present position. The mostly widely held belief is that the tree was thrown from a nearby cliff during the hurricane. What’s amazing is this Herculean toss left Lone Tree standing vertical about 50 yards from the Pink Sand Beach shoreline.

Regardless of how this photographer’s delight came to be, it’s another grand example of how from every cloud there is a silver lining. In this case a lone tree posing for more photographs than the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models that made Pink Sands Beach famous.


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