Isla Mujeres a Beach Bar Haven

In Travel Dreams humble opinion, nothing says relaxation like the words “beach bar.” If you find having a cool one at a beach bar to be the ultimate stress reliever, then you’d be wise to include Isla Mujeres to your bucket list.

Isla Mujeres is an 8-mile long strand of an island that can easily be reached by ferry from Cancun. Although the island has seen major development in the past decade, it still is an extremely laid back oasis where the friendly residents and tourists mingle swimmingly.

The bulk of Isla Mujeres’ action can be found on the north end of the island. You’ll find dreamy restaurants on the south end, but it’s on the northern tip where you can walk from beach bar to beach bar.

As you angle right around the point, you’ll find several palapa covered opportunities to quench your thirst and sample a tasty appetizer. Sunset Grill, Chi Chi’s, Kelly’s, and Tarzan’s, all have their own unique charm and beverage selection.

If you believe a toes in the sand vacation isn’t quite right until you’ve gazed toward the sea from a beach bar, then Isla Mujeres should compare very nicely with past island memories or your future wish list.

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