Introducing Set Jet: The Revolutionary Private Jet Charter Membership

Founded in 2014, Set Jet is a membership-based, private jet charter program that grants its members access to the luxuries of flying private at a cost more comparable to a first-class commercial ticket. Now, anyone can share the same runway as stars like Vanessa Hudgens, who swears by Set Jet for ultra luxe and convenience when traveling!

Founders Tom Smith and Trey Smith created Set Jet with one goal in mind: deliver an experience of privacy, security, convenience, and luxury at a price point unmatched in the industry. Currently, Set Jet is the only company that provides a standard membership fee of $99 per month, allowing approved members to book domestic and international flights starting at $750. Additionally, there are no price premiums for last-minute travel, meaning members can book up to four months in advance OR hop on a flight up to 30-minutes before departure!

With a certification in multi engine aircraft as an airline transport pilot, founder Tom Smith is an avid aviation fan and has over 10,000 hours of flying time. Trey Smith on the other hand is the son of a prominent aviation pioneer and has been immersed in the private jet industry since the day he was born.

Together, Tom and Trey ensure that each Set Jet member enjoys their revolutionary approach to private jet travel, free of the traditional inconveniences such as extensive check-in requirements, security delays, parking expenses, and an advanced notice for booking.

As of September 2022, Set Jet has onboarded over 5,300 members across the United States, flying on over 4,500 flights.  If you have an upcoming trip yourself, we’d love to have Set Jet take you to your destination!

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