Hillside Beach Club Plants Seeds for a Greener Future

Using internal production lines, local employment and guest incentives, the luxury Fethiye hotel Hillside Beach Club has set out to help each guest give back to the local area during their stay.

In 2021, the hotel’s new sustainability department began to carry out pioneering eco-initiatives, consulting with marine biologists, environmental engineers, energy efficiency experts and even firefighters to improve green credentials. 2020 saw all accommodation transactions performed via i-pad and guests are now directed to digital spending cards in the Hillside app, resulting in the reduction of resort club cards by 95% this year.

  • Technology: 

  • The Hillside team clean the bottom of the ocean with a specialised diving team and use wastewater left after restaurant service for garden irrigation. The hotel separates all glass, paper, metal and plastic, before sending it across to a local biomass facility that converts solid waste into electricity. Advanced energy-saving systems are in place for electrical and air conditioning systems with time-sensitive warnings.
  • People:To support producers in Fethiye, the hotel’s Sustainable Agriculture Project ensures qualified crops are planted in local fields and are then purchased for use at the resort. An incredible 76% of the Hillside team and 60% of the hotel’s service providers are based in the beautiful region of Fethiye. Hillside’s ‘Turkish Night’ is held every Sunday – a chance for local people to present their art and handicrafts to attendees.
  • Planet:

  • Hillside Beach Club works with Turkey’s Ministry of Forestry to plant one tree for every guest visiting for the first time as well as one tree for every couple who honeymoon at the resort. As of 2020, the resort has planted 212,000 seeds in the Hillside Forests in Fethiye and different regions around it.

Nightly rates at Hillside Beach Club start from £192. Rates based on two people sharing a standard room on a full board plus* basis. For more information visit  https://hillsidebeachclub.com/en

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