Great Exuma- Swim Surprises Everywhere

The color of the ocean water in Great Exuma is exactly what you’d expect on a magazine cover. You know what I mean, a cover featuring swimsuit models, catamarans, or oceanfront mega-homes.

What you’ll also find on and near Great Exuma’s luxurious waters are unusual nautical friends.

One of the greatest tourist draws in nearly every Great Exuma excursion is the opportunity to swim with pigs. No need to rub your eyes at this last sentence, you read it correctly. In Great Exuma, the line “when pigs fly” has a slight variation.

As your boat nears one of the Out Islands, you notice several pigs scurrying out of the brush with a look that says, “Where have you guys been? We’re coming to greet you.” The pigs then thrust themselves into the Caribbean Sea and swim up to your boat.

The captain of your boat wisely keeps a stash of food that the pigs can’t get enough of. This whole swim with the pigs experience is surreal.

Your boat continues on to another island, just as remote. Suddenly you see more creatures scampering from the brush. This time it’s a couple dozen iguanas. These iguanas read from the same script as their piggy friends to the north.

These accommodating iguanas greet vacationers with the hopes of a free meal. Grapes seem to be iguanas delicacy of choice.

If your Great Exuma mingling with God’s creatures quota comes up one short, then take the ferry from Great Exuma over to Stocking Island. On this gorgeous slice of island paradise, you’ll not only find a classic beach bar, but you’ll also find creatures swimming beneath the surface of the turquoise water that take a bit more nerve to meet and greet.


Stingrays swim up and nuzzle your ankles. These are the friendliest stingrays you’ll ever encounter. Unlike the pigs and iguanas, they ask for nothing to feed their tummies. All they seem to want is a little human companionship. Amazing! Great Exuma is simply amazing.

Tim Cotroneo is a freelance writer specializing in Caribbean travel, business, and golf.




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