Golfers Can Stop Worrying About Losing Expensive Rangefinders

New Upside Golf Rangefinder features built-in LOCKON magnet system

LOS GATOS, Calif. (May 29, 2019) – Constantly distracted on the golf course – worried about where he misplaced his rangefinder and frustrated when it kept falling out of his golf cart – golf professional Patrick Shea decided to fix a problem that annoys golfers everywhere.

Shea, founder of Upside Golf, the Silicon Valley golf company known for developing unique products, has designed the new Upside Golf Rangefinder, featuring the world’s first supremely accurate rangefinder with a built-in LOCKON magnet system that snaps it to golf cart and pull cart frames (as well as to an iron clubface), all designed to keep the rangefinder from being lost or left behind on the course.

Moreover, the Lockon rangefinder is accurate to within 18 inches from 650 yards, features high-definition 6X magnification, a Pinseeker Lock, Slope Mode and is precisely weighted for ultimate balance and a steadier hold. The device is approved for use in tournament competition and water-resistant, powered by two CR2-3V batteries.

“When I play golf, I want to focus on my game, not look for my rangefinder,” said the innovative Shea, a Northern California PGA professional for more than 25 years. “I was tired of losing expensive range finders, or just leaving them on the tee. Using the Upside Golf Rangefinder, you will be surprised how much you can improve pace of play, too.” The rangefinder is powered by 1 magnet but the user gets an extra battery for free.

Shea, who was the creator of the Golo Golf Dice game, has made the UPSIDE Golf Rangefinder available on Amazon, priced at $179 – a perfect Father’s Day gift for every golfing dad, particularly those who have been down the “lost rangefinder” road before.

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