Generations of Return Guests — Jamaica Inn

Nestled in a secluded, sandy cove of Ocho Rios, The Morrow family has owned the country’s much-loved, Jamaica Inn for the past 65 years, mastering the art of heartfelt personalized service and creating a home away from home for its guests.

And whether its the stunning location, authentic Jamaican vibe or the warm hospitality and “welcome home” you received upon arrival, there’s something about Jamaica Inn that makes guests want to return year after year. See a few guest testimonials below —

“FOUR GENERATIONS STRONG!! Our family has been “coming home” to the Inn for 40 years.” – Christy

“We’ve come every year since 2015, except covid year, has been one big favorite moment.” – Anthony

Reasons why guests love Jamaica Inn:

  • Family owned and operated by The Morrow family and beach pup, Shadow — The Morrow’s make everyone feel like they’re being hosted in their family home
  • Location: The stunning + secluded, private stretch of Ocho Rios beach the property sits on is ideal
  • On-property programming like Croquet + Rose, Complimentary Afternoon Tea, live music at dinner and Bond on the Beach movies every Tuesday that provide guests a feeling of community 
  • Disconnect — no tvs, clocks or radios in guest rooms. If you look around at dinner, guests are enjoying time spent together rather than glowing from the light of their cellphone.
  • History: Ian Fleming famously frequented the bar, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller honeymooned, and Meghan Markle celebrated her (first) wedding at Jamaica Inn

With a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds, the island of Jamaica is extraordinary and, nestled just east of Ocho Rios within a secluded, sandy cove, is the country’s much loved and family-owned luxury hotel: Jamaica Inn. Family owned and operated for 65 years, The Morrow family has mastered the art of combining discreet privacy with heartfelt personalized service. Spread over eight acres, with a 700-foot private white sand beach considered to be one of the best in the Caribbean, with 55 guest suites, all with sea views, including seven secluded cottages with large verandas, sea access, and plunge pools. As soon as you enter, guests are sure to feel the Old Hollywood meets colonial charm at a 65-year, family-run resort where Ian Fleming famously frequented the bar, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller honeymooned, and Meghan Markle celebrated her (first) wedding.

A weekly programming of activities include rosé and croquet on the lawn, tours of the lush surrounding gardens, yoga at the ocean pavilion, non-motorized water sports and lifeguard training. Dining wise,  Jamaica Inn boasts three culinary venues: the Sea Shanty, Teddy’s Beach Bar & Grill, and Terrace Restaurant, serving traditional Jamaican meals and wood-fired pizzas, complete with daily drink specials and live music. Guests are also invited to experience the healing touch of nature at the property’s Ocean Spa, set within the cliffs of Cutlass Bay, with treatments drawn from plants on the Island

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