Fun Mocktail Offerings for a Dry January

Does your New Year’s resolution include going dry for the month of January … or beyond?

If that’s the case, we’ve compiled the best mocktail recipes from the best west coast, east coast, midwest, and Caribbean bartenders.

So drink up and be merry with these delicious mocktails. Cheers!

Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)

  • Mocktail: Swirly Shirley
  • Description: This take on a classic is long refreshing, sustainable and low in sugar, which is perfect for dry january! The drink contains dehydrated rhubarb slice, ginger ale, non-alcoholic campari and lemon juice. It’s repurposed for sustainability from one of the alcoholic cocktails at Library by the Sea. Using a rotary evaporator, they distill alcohol from Campari.
  • Quote: “The Swirly Shirley is our riff on a much-ordered non-alcoholic drink named for an amazing lady who wasn’t just a child-megastar, but also worked as a diplomat, ambassador and latterly the Chief of Protocol for the United States – Shirley Temple. We’ve dried out and spiced up the classic with fresh rhubarb and ginger in a house made cordial, thanks to an added hit of extra complexity with the herbal bittersweet notes of Campari, distilled to be non-alcoholic.” – Jim Wrigley, Beverage Manager

Bistro Alder at Hotel Dossier (Portland, OR)

  • Mocktail: Green Machine
  • Description and ingredients: This mocktail uses fresh cold pressed kale, celery, cucumber, apple, ginger, raw apple cider vinegar and soda water garnished with a lime. The sharpness from the vinegar sets you in the cocktail mood and the spicy kick of ginger adds to its taste.
  • Quote: “This mean green machine packs a punch of fresh flavor that keeps you coming back for more of this healthy tasty mocktail.” – Patrick Warner, Senior Director of F&B at Bistro Alder.

Toro at Viceroy Snowmass (Snowmass Village, CO) 

  • Mocktail: Strawberry Mockito
  • Description and ingredients: This mocktail is fun and full of flavor. It contains lime juice, strawberries, mint and Sprite. Garnish it with a lime wheel and strawberry for a fully finished look.
  • Quote: “From the mint to the strawberry and lime, this drink is well balanced for everyone at home, even the kiddos!” – James Harvey, lead bartender at Viceroy Snowmass.

Devereaux at Viceroy Chicago (Chicago, IL)

  • Mocktail: Cashmere Mittens
  • Description and ingredients: It is a non-alcoholic beverage using Kentucky 74, brown butter, toasted pecans, lemon, orange and clove.
  • Quote: “It’s a labor of love with a homemade buttered pecan sauce that will warm your insides like a good pair of mittens. This drink is rich, velvety and most importantly delicious.” – Andrew Bone, F+B Manager at Devereaux

Seven Square Taproom at The Clancy (San Francisco, CA)

  • Mocktail: Keen & Tonic
  • Description and ingredients: Seedlip Garden 108, Indian Tonic, Orange Peel and Mint
  • Quote: “Kleen & Tonic as our Taproom connectors call it! This traditional garden herbal blend will bring you inner peace. Sugar Free, Allergy Friendly and very low calorie.” – Gloria Murillo, Director of F&B & VP of Miscellaneous

  • Mocktail: Be Bold (Blue)
  • Description and ingredients: Just a hint of citrus and a refreshing mixed berry supersized flavored ice cube
  • Quote: “Inspired by our very own Clancy colors, this mocktail is a show stopper.” – Gloria Murillo, Director of F&B & VP of Miscellaneous

The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe, California)

  • Mocktail: No Proof It To Me
  • Description and ingredients:This delicious mocktail contains gingerberry Kombucha, fresh lime, and mint soda water.

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