Dream Destinations for Digital Nomads

Being a digital nomad hasn’t always been what it is today.  Now that many are in a position to work from home and do our jobs remotely, people are getting more interested in traveling the world and working while on the road. Remote work is a great way to have new adventures and do something new every day, although it’s not as simple as it sounds. Digital nomads work hard, and invest much of their remote time earning a living.

Therefore, an added perk to work includes staying somewhere cool. That’s why many digital nomads decide on moving to places that are among the most beautiful destinations in the world. If you’re a current or future digital nomad, here are some of the most exotic locations to set up your remote workspace.


Jamaica is one of the most popular countries in the Caribbean, especially with young people who love listening to reggae music and having a good time. However, Jamaica isn’t all fun and games. It is one of those places where you can find an amazing home without spending too much money and still live a nice lifestyle.

Jamaica is a setting you may read about in your favorite travel magazine.   The best part of your Jamaica digital nomad existence is once you’ve completed all your work tasks, you can always go to the beach and just relax with your new Jamaican friends!


If you’re not into hot weather and sandy beaches, you can always go to Scotland. This is a county where some of the world’s best landscapes and scenery is part of your relocation package. This is also one of the most welcoming places in Europe. It’s no wonder Scotland is a favorite of digital nomads from around the world.

What’s even better is that Scotland is now open to international travelers. This means you can go there today. Just like Jamaica, Scotland offers a wide range of activities to its visitors, as well as a famous castles, museums,  and galleries to enjoy when your workday is done.


If you’re a digital nomad, nothing is stopping you from buying a plane ticket to Australia and discovering makes it so amazing. It’s always wise to check all the preparation boxes before making your move to Australia.

Becoming an entrepreneur or running a company is hard in these times, especially if you need to deal with your suppliers over the phone. One solid Australia business consideration is finding a one stop shop for business resources. Checkout the helpful Trade Finance, their goal is to take care of your business needs and make sure your suppliers are always happy. This will make your Aussie digital nomad adventure more enjoyable and successful.


There’s a reason why the United States is one of the most popular countries in the world and one of those places everyone wants to visit at least once. Whether you’re a fan of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or San Antonio, the USA is the place to be! In addition to being the land where dreams come true, this is also a place where your digital aspirations can reach their full potential. In 2021 it’s potentially where you can find work regardless of your business aspirations.  During your personal time, the U.S. is home to small and under the radar spots you can visit, as well as tons of national parks to explore. Pick the state that’s right for you, and start planning your digital nomad arrival.


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it’s also full of friendly people who are glad to call you neighbor. Italy is also a destination where you can find small towns or villages that are cost-effective, affordable, but still exciting.

Tuscany is a great option for staying at a nice villa on your day off. Florence and Venice are perfect for cultural events and historic locations. Finally, Italy is close to many other great countries such as France, Spain, Greece, and Germany. This means you can be an international digital nomad with your headquarters in Italy.

When it comes to working and traveling, the world truly is your oyster. So pick a place that check’s most of your digital nomad boxes. Make a move to your digital dream destination today!

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