Desert Island in Rancho Mirage Reopens with Semi-Private Golf & Dining

The latest and most exciting Southern California hospitality news comes from Desert Island, at Rancho Mirage Golf Course and Country Club.

The historic property has been acquired and renovated by Miguel Nelson, artist and innovative experiential developer, of Marivmon Productions, remerging with a world class culinary program from Executive Chef Jon Butler, and overhauled golfing greens. The expansive property now includes three dining establishments ranging from casual après-golf to fine dining, a piano and game lounge, and large event space.

The vintage golf course on Desert Island is a walkable 120 manicured acres around a 25-acre lake, with ample shaded trees, and verdant grass. The formerly private course has been a destination for members for five decades and is now open to the public.

If you’re seeking a warm weather escape this winter, there is no better option than Desert Island, a setting where club life is redefined and open to the public.

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