Dennis’ Cocktail Bar & Restaurant in Antigua

Antigua’s  Thrill on the Hill
By Tim Cotroneo

As a child in Antigua, Dennis Thomas loved to climb to the top of a hill sandwiched between two of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. Upon reaching the pinnacle of this hill, Thomas daydreamed of owning a restaurant that would honor the cooking of his Mother Eva and the memory of his Father Arthur.

In 2006, Thomas’ dream came true when he opened Dennis Cocktail Bar and Restaurant on the same hill he roamed as a child. The restaurant Thomas built with his own hands is framed by the stunning twins, Little Ffreyes and Big Ffreyes Beach. These beaches are arguably the most picturesque in all of Antigua.

For lunch time customers hiking to the restaurant’s top step, the payoff is a colorful jaw-dropper. First customers are gripped by the Caribbean Sea’s electric shades of turquoise. Next you can’t help but absorb the horizon’s lush images of Antigua’s rolling hillside. If Thomas were to request a cover charge for this panoramic escape, then only a blank check would suffice.

The good news is the views are free and the menu is reasonably-priced. Dennis’ is a great opportunity to sample home-cooked Antiguan cuisine. Local and international specialties include curried goat, grilled lobster, garlic shrimp, ribs, and the restaurant’s signature dessert, bread pudding. Customers can also take a break from the Caribbean sunshine with a frosty Wadadli beer or a rum lover’s favorite dubbed Romance.

Dennis Thomas’ childhood vision can be found in Bolans Village located just south of Antigua’s capital city of St. John’s. Take the exit for Cocobay Resort and Little Ffreyes Beach. If you’ve ever imagined photo-shopping yourself into a real-life Caribbean postcard, then stop by Dennis Cocktail Bar and Restaurant. You’ll find spectacular views, great food and thirst-quenching Romance.

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