Country Club Lima Hotel: The Best Place for Peace of Mind in Peru

LIMA, Peru 22 February 2023 — As Machu Picchu reopens and travelers start booking or rebooking their journeys of a lifetime that may have been postponed due to the country’s recent political unrest, Country Club Lima Hotel, a celebrated oasis in the middle of the city that is a perfect symbiosis of the glamour of the past and cutting edge of the present, shines a light on its VIP offerings to ensure guest safety and peace of mind. Country Club Lima guests can enjoy VIP access to ultra secure restaurant reservations and tables, private guides for  visiting museums and attractions after hours to avoid crowds, and a VIP driver throughout their stay to ensure safety throughout all activities and transfers. The hotel will also help guests plan and reorganize travel within Peru as needed to best meet their needs, while keeping them safe.

On a lighter note, Country Club Lima is also pleased to announce a new Lady’s Clover Club cocktail for International Women’s Day (March 8) that will be available throughout the month of March at Bar Inglés. This gorgeous spin on the Pisco Sour consists of gin, lemon, raspberry and egg white; images are available here. Bar Inglés is an iconic space with more than 90 years of history and tradition that has long been a source of pride. This celebration reaffirms the hotel’s commitment to offering experiences of excellence and constant innovation without neglecting the tradition and classics that have made it such a timeless, unique space. “This cocktail was prepared for this special day in mind, in which we commemorate all the women of the world, ¡Enjoy and celebrate!” says Bar Inglés Head Bartender Luiggy Arteaga.

To further celebrate women and the hotel’s ongoing devotion to its largely female team, there will also be special Mother-Daughter packages (which can be booked for just one night) available for reservations made now through the end of May, including special tea time with live jazz throughout the month, unlimited brunch and more. Please contact us for complete details.

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