Contiki Launches First Itinerary in Georgia

CYPRESS, CA, September 19, 2022: Contiki has announced its first ever trip to Georgia, bookable from September 2022 to depart in June 2023. The 10-day excursion begins in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, and will visit the country’s most famous and exciting attractions from there.

Travelers will get to see 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the trip – including a traditional winery that makes wine using giant clay jars, Georgia’s 3000-year-old ancient capital city, and one of the highest permanently settled villages in Europe. Natural beauty is also offered, with visits to Martvili Canyon, the Caucasus and its glacier also included as part of the trip.

Alongside the rich winemaking tradition, Georgia is known for its charming blend of old and new, boasting rural landscapes and traditional architecture – as well as a thriving youth culture and techno music scene. The friendly population has led to Georgia being nicknamed ‘The World’s Most Hospitable Nation’. Travelers will get to experience authentic Georgian hospitality on the trip when they enjoy local food and wine in the home of a local.

Georgia welcomes between 9 and 11 million international tourists each year – around 50 million fewer than Italy and 70 million fewer than France. As a holiday destination, it’s still relatively unknown and is a must-see for travelers who like to get off the beaten track; although it is beginning to soar in popularity.

“We’re excited to be launching new products for next year,” says Natasha Lawrence, Commercial and Product Development Director at Contiki.

“We’ve had Georgia in our sights for a while. As a destination, it’s clearly one of the rising stars on the global tourism scene – with unique history and heritage, and a nightlife scene that could rival Prague or Berlin. We found that more and more of our travellers were asking for it. So, we delivered it.”

“A crucial part of Contiki’s sustainability strategy – anchored to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development –  is to achieve a 20% increase in itineraries visiting developing regions by 2025. We know hidden gems like Georgia have so much to offer, and that tourism has a real power to support communities who live there. We can’t wait to showcase a truly fantastic holiday destination, hopefully to travellers from all over the world.”

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