Collin Morikawa Partners with Theragun

The 2021 PGA Tour is underway and golfers everywhere are getting back into the swing of things. How are the professionals staying in tip-top shape for the return of the season? Rising star Collin Morikawa swears by Theragun by Therabody for his post-workout recovery.

Last year, the PGA Tour winner (2019) announced his multi-year partnership with Therabody – formerly known as Theragun, the leader in tech wellness and percussive massage therapy – to which he heavily attributes his athletic performance and ability to his daily use of Theragun in his fitness routine.

Morikawa realized the importance of Theragun in his routine when, during a brief hiatus from the device, he experienced back pain that cost him the win at the 3M Open, stating “I was in my sixth event going for the lead and I felt pain in my back and suddenly realized that if Theragun had been a part of my daily routine, I could have better focused on the game and not managing my pain.” Ever since then, Morikawa has re-introduced Theragun to his daily routine and has not been injured since. Among his favorites are the Theragun Mini and Theragun Pro.

By incorporating Theragun’s percussive massage therapy devices into their routines, professional and regular golfers alike will see the difference in their range of motion, swing speed, recovery time and injury prevention, including the healing and prevention of golfers’ elbow.

Founded by chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland in 2008, Therabody is one of the most trusted percussive therapy brands among professional sports teams. For more information on Theragun’s latest products visit


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