Cliff Diving in Eleuthera, Bahamas

Eleuthera Island’s raw, unblemished beauty has long been the stuff of legend – from its spectacular expanses of pink sand shores to endless horizons of sparkling, turquoise waters.

But it’s not all surfing and sunbathing.

Cliff jumping on Eleuthera is an unparalleled, almost otherworldly experience – highly recommended if you like your vacations with a side of scenic adventure. The island’s curvy coastline is rimmed with dramatic, rocky cliffs overhanging incredible blue depths just daring to be discovered. Venture a bit inland for a dip in one of the island’s beatific blue holes, mysterious cenotes that emerged from ages-old marine cave collapses.

Whether you’re looking for child-friendly or challenging, Eleuthera Vacation Rentals offers detailed travel tips for Eleuthera’s most celebrated cliff jumping destinations.

Ocean Hole

Ocean Hole is a fantastic family-friendly spot for cliff jumping – with easy access parking and jumping heights ranging between 5 and 15 feet.

Located in Rock Sound, a lovely little seaside town on the southern end of Eleuthera, Ocean Hole is a large, inland, saltwater lake.

One of the island’s best-known natural features, Ocean Hole once captured the fascination of world famous ocean explorer (and Eleuthera winter snowbird) Jacques Cousteau.

Longstanding local legend has it that the waters of this “bottomless” blue hole possess mystic healing powers.

The actual depth is estimated to be somewhere around 600 feet.

Ocean Hole is likely connected to the Atlantic Ocean via a system of deep underwater caves. Although not definitively proven, it’s evidenced by the daily ebb and flow of the waterline in perfect sync with ocean tides.

At the outer edges of Ocean Hole Park, healthy coconut and seagrape trees grow dense and tall. There are picnic tables and a man-made stone wall along a portion of the perimeter. For those who prefer to ease their way in, there are stairs and metal ladders leading right to the water’s edge.

Teeming with schools of angelfish, sergeant majors, grouper, and tangs, Ocean Hole is also home to a thriving ecosystem. Feel free to bring fish food and snorkel gear for close encounters, but best to leave your fishing poles behind, as angling is not allowed.

Super Blue Hole

Located minutes from Preacher’s Cave in North Eleuthera, Sapphire Blue Hole has an ethereal feel to it.

Most who visit agree photographs fail to do justice to its true beauty. Aptly named for its striking blue hue, the water here is crisp, clear, and salty. The edges are ringed by verdant trees growing thick along the carbonate bedrock circle. Tropical fish & other wildlife thrive here, but fishing is prohibited.

A bit more challenging than Ocean Hole, the Sapphire Blue Hole cliff jump is a roughly 25-foot drop, with a rope ladder to assist those climbing out. Ideal for older teens and up.

Glass Window Bridge

Glass Window Bridge cliff jumping can be incredible – assuming you snag a safe spot where the water is deep enough, the rock overhang is broad enough, the water is calm enough, and the return ascent is reasonably manageable. If it’s your first time, be sure to consult a knowledgeable local source before heading out.

The best cliffs for jumping on Glass Window Bridge are on the Atlantic Ocean side, where elevations range between 15 and 40 feet.

But be sure to cliff jump safely. Some general tips:

  • Wear neoprene shoes so the jagged rock edges are easier to navigate.
  • Never cliff jump alone.

Jump only on days when the Atlantic waters are calm and flat. Rough waters and moderate winds can make it difficult to swim safely back to shore.

The Rainbow Cliffs

The Rainbow Cliffs, known more commonly as, “The Cliffs,” are situated on a rugged stretch of Eleuthera Island between James Cistern and Rainbow Bay.

On approach you’ll notice a blue sign marking the location as a Bahamas Heritage Site. Follow that sign and drive until the sandy road ends. Continue on to the left, you’ll notice a rock-carved channel, with a beautiful bay enclosed by cliffs.

Jutting out abruptly from the Atlantic side, several spots on the right are ideal for cliff jumping and rock climbing – the highest point about 20 feet. (Avoid jumping on the left side, as the water isn’t deep enough to be safe, even at high tide.)

The Cliffs site is also an ideal spot for snorkeling excursions, with an abundance of tropical fish and unique rock formations readily visible through the deep, clear water.

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