City With the Highest Rated Airbnb’s Revealed in Travel Study!

Airbnb recently reported bookings shooting up 52% as Covid restrictions have begun easing in countries across the world.

Holidaymakers are jet setting after over a year of restricted travel and have inspired the experts at to investigate which location around the world has the highest rated Airbnb’s. utilised Forbes’ bucket list of the top 50 places in the world to visit (based on a survey of 1.5million people) and searched each destination on Airbnb and the review score to create an overall average. used the Bayesian average rating calculation, which considers both the average rating and the number of reviews, to produce an evenly distributed score.

The top 10 highest rated locations for Airbnb bookings

Location Airbnb popularity rating (/100)
1st Waikato, New Zealand 100
2nd Beijing, China 98
3rd Kerry, Ireland 96
4th Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 93
5th Havana, Cuba 91
6th Moscow, Russia 89
7th New Orleans, USA 87
8th Antarctica 84
9th Barbados** 82
10th Dubrovnik, Croatia 80


Located in the upper North Island of New Zealand, Waikato ranks as the best-rated travel destination with a travel popularity rating score of 100/100. With tons of things to see and do in Waikato, it is widely known for containing the longest river in NZ, the Waikato River, and its largest lake, Lake Taupō.

In second place with a popularity ranking of 98/100 is Beijing, China. China’s cultural and political centre for more than 700 years, Beijing is stocked full of history and architecture covering key parts of the great nation’s past.

Taking the third spot is the southwest region of Ireland, Kerry, with an average rating of 96/100. Alongside its green land and mountains, Kerry is home to breath-taking cliffs, coastlines, and famous landmarks such as Torc Waterfall and Torc Mountain.

Making the top 25 locations

Location Airbnb popularity rating (/100)
11th Providencia, Colombia 78
12th Santorini, Greece 76
13th Budapest, Hungary 73
14th Bora Bora, French Polynesia 71
15th Kruger National Park, South Africa 69
16th Cairo, Egypt 67
17th Edinburgh, Scotland 64
18th Las Vegas, USA 62
19th Bali, Indonesia 60
20th Jaipur, India 57
21st Maldives 56
22nd Los Angeles, USA 53
23rd Santiago, Chile 51
24th Hanoi, Vietnam 49
25th Seoul, Korea 47


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“Although Airbnb states hosts are eligible for property damage protection, homeowners are encouraged to get personal insurance too. That’s because the policy doesn’t cover a whole raft of things that a standard home insurance policy will.

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  1. conducted research to identify the location with the highest-rated Airbnb services to help travellers choose their next holiday destinations.
  2. used Forbes’ bucket list of the top 50 places in the world to visit based on a survey of an audience of 1.5million.
  3. Secondly, information such as user ratings, person capacity, and the number of reviews for Airbnb’s per holiday destination was collected from Airbnb.
  4. Following the data collection phase, the sample was aggregated by holiday destination to calculate the weighted average rating, total number of reviews, and average person capacity per destination.
  5. Finally, calculated a Bayesian average rating for each destination which considered the weighted average rating as well as the number of reviews per destination to provide a comprehensive global rating. The Bayesian average was then normalised to produce a more evenly distributed ranking score that highlights ranking discrepancies.

* All data was collected on 26/07/2021.

** Although Barbados is a country, Forbes listed it as a top travel location, so it was analysed in this way.

*** Paro Valley (Bhutan), Petra (Jordan), Laucala Island Resort (Fiji), Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of Congo) were excluded from the list due to Airbnb showing no results.

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