Best Time to Stay at Pebble Beach is Not When You Expect

Pebble Beach Golf Links – the #1 public golf course in the U.S. – is sold out right now.

Also hard to come by: guestrooms and restaurant reservations at Pebble Beach Resorts. This is sorry news for golfers trying to make up for lost time and get on the green.

One might ask, “When is the best time to book at Pebble Beach?” The answer could surprise you.

Holiday week travel is typically considered a hard-to-snag option at luxury resorts, but golfers will be pleased to discover it’s one of the few times they can secure a tee time. Yes, that’s correct. The best time to stay and play at Pebble Beach Resorts is during the last two weeks of the year. And wouldn’t that make for the best 2021 send-off ever?

Currently, Pebble Beach Resorts has open tee-times at all five of its bucket list-worthy courses, along with hotel availability December 22— 30. This suggests it’s time to get a jump on that holiday planning and give the gift of golf at Pebble Beach while there is still golf to give.

If you’re considering a winter getaway, now is the time to book your stay and play at Pebble Beach.

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