Best 2023 Honeymoon Destinations: Chile

Chile is one of South America’s most remarkable nations with an even more astonishing geography. As the longest narrow country in the world, Chile extends over three continents, South America, Antarctica and Oceania. In the north, you’ll find the driest nonpolar desert in the world, and the second driest overall- the Atacama Desert. The destination has also been distinguished as the Most Romantic Place in South American for five years running by the World Travel Awards. In the South, you’ll find the Patagonia, famous for its hiking trails and breathtaking views.

One of the many benefits of traveling to Chile is its accessibility and versatility; most major cities have all the amenities travelers are seeking and the tourism infrastructure allows visitors to travel with ease, regardless of their price point. Those looking for exclusivity have the option of selecting private tour guides or joining small groups of like-minded travelers. Whether it’s your first time experiencing Chile’s buena onda (good vibes) or you’re returning to explore more of its 4,300km long landscape, you’re guaranteed to make memories that last a lifetime.

Those looking for a romantic honeymoon, filled with adventure, wildlife, and picturesque views, look no further than Chile.

Wine Country

Day 1:

  • Upon arrival to Santiago’s International Airport, you will need to arrange transportation to Colchagua Valley, in the heart of Chile’s main wine production area. The Colchagua Valley is known for its outstanding wines, particularly for Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carménère.
  • There are several wineries in the valley that offer tours with amazing wine tasting. The Santa Cruz Vineyard is one of the most emblematic in the area. A cable car takes you to the top of the Chamán Hill where you can see constellations at the observatory of the same name.

  • You can also visit the automobile museum and learn about the different periods of Chilean history visiting the thematic museum. If you like fine dining, good wine and culture, then Colchagua is your ideal destination.
  • To see a full list of the vineyards and tour contacts, click here.

Day 2:

  • During your stay in the valley and vineyards, you’ll have the opportunity to experience many activities from wine tasting, guided tours, horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking and more.
  • With acres of beautiful nature, this is the day to book all your adventure and exploration activities.


Day 3:

  • The Mylodon Cave located 24 kilometers towards the north is one Puerto Natales’ classic destinations, we will begin an authentic trekking adventure among beautiful scenery surrounding this excursion. First, we will visit the natural monument formed by three caves, among which stands out the Cueva Chica (Small Cave), you can also take a picture next to a replica of the extinct Mylodon at the entrance of the largest cave.
  • Tip: Get plenty of rest, always carry water, sunscreen, passport, adequate clothing, a first aid kit, and toiletries.

Day 4:

  • Boat ride at Grey Lake, discover and admire the incredible scenery during this excursion to Torres del Paine located 103 kilometers north of Puerto Natales. After the sail trip, we will enjoy touring some of the most spectacular lookouts of the park such as the Salto Grande and Laguna Amarga lookouts while enjoying the views and photographing the unique landscape.
  • Tip: Bring cash, carry-on bag, your passport, cell phone charger, first aid kit, and toiletries.

Day 5:

  • Trekking along Lake Sofía during the tour we will have privileged views of the Prat mountain range, the Balmaceda glacier, and the Tenerife hill. During the hike we will border the lake and go through lenga beech and Antarctic beech forests to climb to the top of the Benitez Hill. Upon arrival we rest and enjoy a beautiful view, where you can observe the condor and watch it fly the skies.
  • Consider that altitude ranges from 400 to 4200 meters above sea level.

Lake District

Day 6:

  • Lake Budi is known for its salty waters. The lake has an extension of 70 kilometers. It is also home to some Mapuche communities that live on the shores of the lake. The area’s wildlife is very peculiar due to the ocean’s inflow, it is also home to black-necked swans, gulls, and cormorants. Its peninsula-like islands are unforgettable photographic postcards.

Day 7:

  • The coastal sector of the Araucanía is enhanced by towns like Puerto Saavedra. In this area you will find the mouth of the Imperial River, which finally flows into the Pacific Ocean.
  • This port has become an outstanding seaside resort in the area, visited by hundreds of tourists annually and has the Casa del Telar, where Mapuche products are sold.

Day 8:

  • At the end of the tour you will find Puerto Dominguez, called “Budi’s Back Yard”, due to its proximity to Lake Budi. Here you will find the Lafken Leufu ruca, which faithfully recreates the Mapuche traditions and customs. This port is also the connection point to reach Huapi Island by means of the Carlos Schalchli ferry.

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