Become a Certified Kittitian RumMaster in St. Kitts

Basseterre, St. Kitts (19 January 2023) – Today, St. Kitts Tourism Authority is launching a distinctive, first-of-its-kind island experience: a new Kittitian RumMaster program. Travellers looking for an exciting and immersive activity while visiting the beautiful island of St. Kitts can take advantage of the unique rum program that includes both practical and theoretical courses.

Led by two of St. Kitts’ prestigious rum experts, the Kittitian RumMaster program invites travellers to deep-dive into the history of rum and distilling rum, gain hands-on experience in creating spiced rum and the methodology of creating rum-based cocktails.

“The history of Caribbean rum and its influential impact can be seen throughout St. Kitts,” said Honourable Marsha Henderson, Minister of Tourism, International Transport, Civil Aviation, Urban Development, Employment, and Labour.  “St. Kitts is home to the oldest surviving rum distillery in the Caribbean and is also home to a growing unconventional rum scene. We are excited to incorporate an integral part of our history into expanding innovative tourism opportunities.  We are confident this tour will allow travellers to experience St. Kitts in a different way and take back home a part of our island’s rich history by becoming a Kittitian RumMaster.”

This unique immersive experience is designed for both rum aficionados and visitors wanting to learn more about the spirit.  During the tour, travellers can become a Kittitian RumMaster through two classes taught by Kittitian rum producers and owners on the island.

The first part of the tour is at Wingfield Estate, home of the Caribbean’s oldest surviving rum distillery.  During this Kittitian RumMaster course, rum expert Jack Widdowson (Founder of Old Road Rum Company) will teach rum theory and the history of rum production methods.  The recently excavated distillery is found on the 18th-century sugar cane plantation owned by a direct ancestor of Thomas Jefferson.  While sipping Old Road Rum and learning the history, guests will see a preserved aqueduct, chimney, mill house, boiling house, and lime kiln and learn how to label their own rum bottle.

The second course takes place at the lively Spice Mill Restaurant on Cockleshell Bay and is run by rum expert Roger Brisbane.  This course will showcase spiced rum creation methodology,  rum-blending techniques, and cocktail creations utilising tasting procedures and nuances in different types of rums.  Roger Brisbane continues to innovate the rum space for St. Kitts with Hibiscus Spirits.  Hibiscus Spirits is created by infusing handpicked and locally grown Roselle Hibiscus calyx, known as sorrel, to flavour the rum and create a natural red colour.

“We are honoured to partner with two of our esteemed on-island rum producers, Hibiscus Spirits from Spice Mill Restaurant and Old Road Rum from Wingfield Estate, to create this lucrative program,” said Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, CEO of St. Kitts Tourism Authority.  “This is just one of many upcoming opportunities where the destination will utilise local partnerships to market the island’s unique attributes.  Furthermore, this program truly sets us apart from other Caribbean destinations while preserving the Kittitian history of rum and its meaning to the culture.  We are excited to invite travellers worldwide to spend a day with kindred spirits.”

Details of each course are as follows, with a certificate earned after completing both courses:

Visit Wingfield Estate – home of Old Road Rum, and the oldest surviving rum distillery in the Caribbean:

  • Introduction of Rum
  • History of Rum in St. Kitts
  • Rum production methods
  • Learning How to Taste + Identify Flavour Profiles
  • Tour the estate
  • Label your own rum bottle

Visit Spice Mill – home of Hibiscus Spirits:

  • Learn how to create spiced rum
  • Methodology of creating classic rum drinks
  • Learn nuances of creating rum cocktails
  • Rum appreciation methods

Bookings for the Kittitian RumMaster program cost $150 per person.  For booking information, please visit Our Stories | St Kitts Tourism

Stay updated on the latest travel updates and upcoming events by visiting and learn more about Hibiscus Spirits and Old Road Rum.

About St. Kitts

St. Kitts is the larger of two islands that make up the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.  Eighteen miles of green mountain ranges stretch from Mount Liamuiga in the north to the southern peninsula—each end, an entirely different and equally fulfilling experience.  The island’s serendipitous location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea gives its coast distinctively varied hues.  Our beaches range from golden tones to salt-and-pepper and alluring black volcanic sand.  Venture Deeper into the magic of St. Kitts and discover what the destination holds while simultaneously venturing introspectively into a journey of self-discovery.  Peel back the many layers of our beautiful island to discover the culture, history, adventure, and culinary delights around every corner.

*If you are travelling to St. Kitts, it is required that you complete the online Immigration and Customs ED Form before arrival.  Upon completion, you will receive a receipt with a QR code that you must present upon arrival in St. Kitts.  Your QR code can be printed out or scanned directly from your phone.  For more information about St. Kitts, visit

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