Authentic Surf Camp Meets 5-Star Service

If the words “surf camp” conjure images of sleeping on the sand and scrounging for meals between sets, it’s time to think again. Rise Up Surf Retreats has thrown out the rule book, offering the best surf and yoga retreats in four locations across Central America – and they’ve got 260 five-star reviews to prove it!

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Rise Up has provided comfortable accommodations (from eco to luxury), expert surf coaching, soulful yoga instruction, and delicious gourmet meals at each of their authentic Central American surf retreats for a full decade. With so many people looking for ways to escape from the humdrum of everyday life, Rise Up offers that soulful, back-to-basics, natural holistic escape, without the need to rough it. What’s more, they give back to the community. Rise Up Kids is an NGO created by the founders, Phil and Corina, to give back to the local Nicaraguan community.

Surfers looking to better their barrels or catch their very first rides give Rise Up’s surf camps the highest five-star praise for their:

–       Luxurious beachfront properties with air-conditioned rooms and swim-up bar
–       Breathtaking beaches and pristine, uncrowded waves
–       Personalized small-group instruction for surfers of all levels
–       Twice-daily yoga sessions to stretch sore muscles and restore calm and balance

–              Activities such as horseback riding, jewellery making and visiting the local schools are also included for cultural immersion
–       Delicious, healthy, gourmet meals
–       Ultra-accommodating staff

Whether surfers are searching for the laid-back spirit and good vibes of Guatemala, a journey to the jungle-fringed beaches of Costa Rica, a trip to the tranquil and secluded surf spots in Nicaragua, or a paradisical escape to the magical Caribbean island of Barbados, Rise Up offers a high-end experience in a jaw-dropping setting they won’t soon forget. Help your audience change their perception of surf camps by spreading the word about Rise Up!

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