Astroland-Experience Life on Mars

Want to be part of the next great space race? The Astroland experience offers those brave enough a demanding test, full of rewards of incalculable value.

The first step towards establishing a human colony on Mars is to replicate living conditions on the Red Planet. With this aim in mind, we have created a scientific space station deep in the caves of Cantabria. Ares Station is isolated from human contact and the cavity, framed in an idyllic setting, is 60 meters tall and 1.2 kilometers long. Ares Station is equipped with everything necessary to test all the technologies and human performance capabilities that will be required to survive life on Mars. You will be a pioneer in the arrival of the human species to other planets.

You will live your day-to-day as an astronaut. A premium epic experience. Explore your limits.

Your Mars Itinerary

Live on Mars. Be part of a small group of people who will change their lives and the course of humanity.

The goal? Establishing the first experimental colony on the Red Planet through scientifically proven methods. An adventure to remember and an amazing story to tell. You will venture into a close replica of what it would be like to live on Mars. This premium experience follows the methodology of the main global space agencies and the training program itself is designed by psychologists, dietitians, personal trainers and specialists in astronauts’ training. The quest combines both on-site and distance learning.

Your mission starts three weeks before arriving in Santander. During this time, you will be remotely accompanied and trained by your personally assigned mentor. Once you have passed the course, you will arrive at Astroland Space Center to complete your preparation by training physically and mentally before entering Ares Station.

From interplanetary agency Astroland, this first-of-its-kind expedition brings participants deep into the caves of northern Spain where adventure-seekers can get a taste of what life on the Red Planet would be like.

What to Expect

This unique experience will last a full 30 days, including a comprehensive three-week training program and another three days of physical and psychological training at the Astroland facilities – all leading up to three days of total seclusion in the cave. Once inside, participants will have the basic necessities for survival while they test what human life would be like on Mars.

With only five expeditions available in the coming months and a max of 10 people per expedition, astronaut-aspirers looking to take part in the next mission should book quickly AND be prepared to spend a cool $6.8K USD for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

IMPORTANT: Please read over a detailed description of the training program and itinerary before booking on the TripAdvisor blog:

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