Antigua is for Sailing

For those who love to sail, the Caribbean is like heaven on earth. For those who love competition and witnessing the finest sailboats in the world, then Antigua in April is a mark your calendar month.

Back in 1968, a series of sailing races took place in Antigua. Nearly a half century later, this event continues to gain steam with Antigua’s April Sailing Week now considered to be one of the most heralded sailing events on the planet.

Located on the island’s southeast coast, Antigua’s Falmouth Harbour Marina is home to some of the grandest mega-yachts. These spectacular boats hoist flags representing nearly every country where sailing is a passion.

Not everyone who goes to Antigua does so for the sake of competition. Many choose Antigua because of it’s high-definition turquoise water, seaside restaurants, and oceanfront hotels.

Regardless of why you choose to visit Antigua, realize the island made famous by Lord Horatio Nelson’s initial sail and settlement, is a place where you’ll enjoy the sun on your face and the wind at your back.

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