Anguilla Sea Villa-
A Caribbean Dream

Sea Villa Could be Your Island Reality

The road to the Sea Villa on Long Bay Beach in Anguilla is unmarked… on purpose. For now, this luxurious oceanfront secret is only yours to know.

There’s a sense of anticipation as guests drive down, and then up, the roadway leading to the Sea Villa’s discreet whitewashed entrance. As guests step foot into the Sea Villa for the first time, the visual they experience is hard to put into words.

Renowned Caribbean Architect Oscar Farmer would enjoy observing your prolonged moment of speechlessness. Creating first impression awe was exactly what Farmer had in mind when he designed this 7,000-square-foot island dreamscape.

Indoor Outdoor Luxury

Farmer would be the first to admit that the Sea Villa interior is a tantalizing prelude for the visual symphony to be discovered outside. But let’s wait a delicious moment before discussing the grand outdoor unveil.

In football terms, the main living area is like standing at the 50-yard line of an intimate stadium in which glass is your new best friend. You’ll notice glass covering the customized boat-shaped coffee tables, an attendant holding a chilled glass of iced lemonade, and glass doors standing as the only divider between you and a phenomenal view of the Caribbean Sea.

From the 50-yard line, there are so many first-time options. Do you enter the commercial kitchen to discuss tomorrow’s breakfast? Do you check out the bedrooms flanking either side of the living room? Or do you head upward to explore views that could be described as the Anguilla version of heaven?

Stairway to Heaven

You march up the curving staircase and spy a quaint office with a vantage point usually reserved for CEOs and heads of state. You think to yourself, I’m in Anguilla to step away from business. Let’s explore the romantic side of Sea Villa.


The design of the bedroom and master bath feel like something from the pages of a bestselling romance novel. The indoor/outdoor bathroom is a combination of marble, immense space, and even palm trees peeking above the open-air shower.

The bedroom includes a sitting area, as well as a private terrace that is simply too irresistible to ignore. You step outside and there it is, yout first glimpse of why you chose this multi-million dollar luxury escape in the first place. Savor a quiet moment while taking in the panoramic view of your infinity pool, outdoor dining patio, rows of palm trees, and private beach below.

Remarkable Views

You’ve shown patience long enough, it’s time to venture down your bedroom’s private outdoor stairway and absorb the 22-pace infinity pool. It’s hard not to imagine reading a book poolside, sipping a rum cocktail, and simply indulging in your prodigious Caribbean view. Sometimes anticipation is almost as satisfying as the real deal. Life’s all about the journey, right?

You walk down to your private beach, notice the seven recliners and a rustic two-level boathouse. The attendant reminds you that your boathouse is well stocked, and he’s looking forward to serving you, and your guests.

Long Bay Beach is more than you imagined. Your feet find the white sand to be as soft as rose pedals. The attendant confides that you rarely encounter another soul when strolling the length of the beach. The attendant gazes out to the sea and points to a white slit of an island several miles out. He mentions that Sandy Island has its own beach restaurant, and previous guests have spent memorable afternoons on this remote oasis. A relaxing beach getaway sounds soothing.

Realize Your Dreams
You overheard that the producers of a reality television program scoured the entire 16-mile island of Anguilla for the perfect setting for their show. Not surprisingly, the Sea Villa was the one they chose. The story goes that the Sea Villa interior, ambiance, pool, beach, and service met all their uncompromising requirements.

For the next week, the magnificent five-bedroom Sea Villa is yours. This is your reality. You’ve discovered why on the beautiful island of Anguilla, the unmarked road to the real deal is even better than the anticipation.



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