Anguilla’s Beaches
Will Get You Through Winter

If you’re living in a part of the world where temperatures are plummeting to penguin-shuttering depths, then an Anguilla beach fix could be just the ticket for thawing out. Anguilla is a Caribbean destination where imagination becomes turquoise reality.

Anguilla is just 16 miles long. So that means there are at least two paradise-like beach escapes every mile or so.

What’s even more intoxicating is this quaint island with a cozy population of 15,000 has excursion escapes with names right out of a romance novel. Need to get away for an hour or a day? Why not boat out to Prickly Pear, Scilly Cay, or Sombrero.

It takes a wee bit of effort to stake your claim to this piece of paradise. Anguilla can only be reached via boat or private plane. Most vacationers fly into Saint Martin and then take a 30-minute ferry to arrive at this Caribbean haven whose residents ironically have one of the longest life expectancies in the world.

So if your thermostat appears it can’t get any lower, perhaps a winter vacation in Anguilla is your ray of hope. A cup of hot chocolate is temporary. Anguilla offers the kind of idyllic warmth and beauty that can simmer in your heart until spring.

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