Adler Spa Resort Sicilia Reveals the Secrets of Southern Sicily

Sicily has long been known as a popular destination for those seeking a real taste of ‘La Dolce Vita’. An island exuding culture and history bolstered by delicious cuisine and excellent wines, it’s no wonder it attracts so many discerning travellers. However, if you want to dig a little deeper and experience another level of genuine hospitality, then head to the South of the island where life moves at a much gentler pace, thoroughly embracing the philosophy of ‘Il Dolce far Niente’.

Here you will find endless hillsides draped in ancient vines and olive trees, crystal clear Mediterranean seas, historic hilltop towns and infinite unspoilt sandy beaches. Better still, discover the wild spirit of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve where indigenous flora, fauna and sea-life thrive in harmony protected from the outside world.

This lesser-known part of Southern Sicily is the ideal destination for nature-lovers and those who enjoy time in the great outdoors, from hiking to biking, walking to horse riding, paddleboarding to kayaking the are a multitude of ways in which to explore this enchanting, unspoilt area.

The Torre Salsa Nature Reserve stretches over more than 760 hectares of quiet, coastline in the province of Agrigento within the locality of Siculiana. Comprising of wetlands, dunes, chalky cliffs, and the nostalgic characteristics of the classic Mediterranean macchia. Here amidst an unspoilt sanctuary of biodiversity, otherwise endangered species of wildlife flourish. Visitors to the reserve may even spot rare Caretta turtles, the almost the invisible ghost crab, wild porcupines, majestic eagles, lime-green lizards, and myriad of butterflies. Visitors to this stretch of Southern Sicily will find themselves in awe of nature, with far-reaching views that change from dawn to dusk as the light gently shifts and reflects the raw beauty of the sea against the endless backdrop of blue skies.


It was these views that led to the construction of the new ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA. An impressively sustainable resort that puts nature at the very heart of its philosophy, where respect to the environment is fundamental. The newly opened resort melds seamlessly within the natural environment with its silhouette almost losing itself within the landscape itself. A contemporary design architecturally, it was devised to rest gently within the undulating hills above the Mediterranean coastline, taking in the expansive 360° views both day and night.

Here, guests can enjoy the very best of al-fresco living, with an extensive outdoor activity programme, state of the art spa, endless pool options and direct access to the beach. ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA has successfully embraced its unique location overlooking the Torre Salsa wildlife reserve and weaves this throughout the resort’s identity. A stunning, no compromise, sustainable design, the new ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA offers contemporary hospitality in the form of 74 Junior Suites and 16 two-bedroomed Family Suites each with their own private terrace and sea-view.

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