A Vegan Luxury Eco-Resort in Mendocino

Eco-tourism isn’t just choosing an exotic, threatened natural environment for your next vacation. It also means traveling in a way that protects and respects your destination, and improves your own well-being as well as that of the local community and the whole planet.

Perhaps no other resort is more committed to this holistic concept than the Stanford Inn by the Sea, a luxury vegan eco-resort overlooking California’s rugged Mendocino coast.

Here are just a few reasons the property is at the forefront of true eco-tourism:

  • Works tirelessly to reduce its carbon footprint
  • Only uses sustainable lumber, paints and other materials for the frequent upgrades made to the property
  • Its award-winning cuisine is not just vegan; it focuses on whole plants, not ersatz meats, cheeses or processed substitutes

  • The Stanford Inn not only serves plant-based cuisine, they teach it in at least four different cooking classes from beginner up.
  • The Inn has on site organic gardens and offers classes in organic gardening and farming as well

  • The Inn is committed to sharing its knowledge and passion through its Environmental Leadership Field School, where it promotes a sustainable mindset that begins with understanding soil, gardening, food production and preparation.

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