A Sleigh Ride Together at Lone Mountain Ranch this Holiday Season

Lone Mountain Ranch inquires if this is the year you do something special for the holidays?

Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana, graciously invites you to experience their iconic Sleigh Ride Dinner, an unforgettable family-friendly experience for all to enjoy.

It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with Lone Mountain Ranch.

Step back in time to an authentic, Wild West winter wonderland. Lone Mountain Ranch is perfect for nature lovers and anyone drawn to life under the starlit Montana Sky.

The Sleigh Ride Dinner at Lone Mountain Ranch is a magical and charming experience that allows locals and guests from around the world to spend time with family, meet new people, and eat great food during the beautiful winter season. Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the incredible terrain Big Sky has to offer and fly down the slopes, but not everyone knows about the serene experience of taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride in the fresh winter snow, making it a cherished family tradition for many. 

Lone Mountain Ranch, in Big Sky, Montana, has become a world-renowned destination since it was homesteaded in 1915 with 30 unique rooms and cabins, that spans over 100 years.

With the location in mind, the ranch offers guests a variety of outdoor seasonal expeditions and adventures all year round, and the Sleigh Ride Dinner has been a fan favorite for over 35 years.

The horse-drawn sleigh departs from Lone Mountain Ranch and rides through the woods under the starlit sky for 20-minutes to an oil-lantern-lit cabin for a family-style dinner. Guests are dropped off and at the charming and historic North Fork Cabin which is warmed by a wood burning stove from the early 1900’s. They are then welcomed with a shot of honey moonshine whiskey and will enjoy a classic Montana prime rib dinner cooked over a century-old railroad stove, followed by huckleberry cobbler and lots of wine. Cowboy singer-storytellers provide dinner entertainment and make it an unforgettable Old West experience. Available December through March.

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