A Look into Oceanogràfic: Europe’s Largest Aquarium

Renowned for its mouthwatering gastronomy and home to the Spanish dish paella, València is a must-see destination when discovering Spain. Located on the Mediterranean east coast, València is a cultural hub filled with museums, monuments and historical sites that allow for the admiration of Spanish culture, art, and tradition. Its Impressive architecture and infrastructure welcomes visitors from all over the world to visit locations such as The City of Arts and Sciences – a massive scientific and cultural complex that encompasses seven impressively designed areas including the Oceanogràfic, Europe’s largest aquarium which also happens to be preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary in February.

The largest marine installation in all of Europe, which opened in 2003, is presented to visitors as a voyage across the world’s seas and oceans, showcasing the planet’s most remarkable marine ecosystems. The Oceanogràfic is made up of various structures, each designated to one of the following aquatic environments: the Mediterranean, Wetlands, Temperate and Tropical Seas, Oceans, the Antarctic, the Arctic Islands, and the Red Sea, as well as a Dolphinarium. The stunning roofs created by Félix Candela distinguish the Underwater Restaurant and the Access Building, which welcomes visitors. Its avant-garde architecture, aquarium layout, and scientific, pleasure and educational functions make the marine ecosystem more accessible to guests and promotes awareness of the importance of safeguarding its biodiversity.

While there are already tons to see and do, the aquarium also offers various attractions that will be sure to elevate the guests’ experience on the property. A few being:

  • Sleeping With Sharks– After the aquarium closes, one can choose to engage in this unique experience and sleep with the sharks! The tour begins with an assortment of activities, including a gymkhana in which one must decipher the messages scattered throughout the tour. After the activity, dinner is served, and guests will get to sleep under the watchful eye of the sharks. The daring guests will be given a free tour to the Oceanogràfic the following day. Backstage Tour – Visitors are taken behind the scenes of the facilities to see how the animals are cared for firsthand. You will see the various species that are awaiting inclusion into the exhibition tanks by visiting the quarantine section and discover how all 960,000 liters of seawater are filtered daily. 4D Cinema – The Red Sea auditorium houses Spain’s largest 4D theater, which recreates various environments and adventures as 4D experiences. Wind, changes in light, scents, snow, and seat vibration can all be felt in the projection room. Films, including Turtle Odyssey, Tentaculos and an underwater 4D adventure, are shown multiple times per day.

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