A Career Riding the Road Less Traveled

By Tim Cotroneo

The launching pad for Jessica Moore working as a Bronco Off-Roadeo Trail Guide occurred when she traveled Alaska’s northern most highway as a 7-year-old. Moore remembers riding in a 1986 Ford Bronco with her mom along the Haul Road, a 400-mile trek showcasing bears, caribou, glaciers, and Northern Lights.

Today, Moore loves guiding Bronco owners and their guests on Grey Wolf Ranch’s endless supply of rocks, hills, and waterways. It feels like fate led Moore to her dream job coaching wide-eyed clientele seeking to experience the Ford Bronco’s latest generation of sport utility vehicles. Moore’s office playground is Texas Hill Country’s most rugged terrain.

Bronco owners from around the world come to Grey Wolf to test the Bronco’s all terrain capabilities while doubling down on a healthy adrenaline rush. Looking back, this 43-year-old mother of two daughters shares that her path to working as a Trail Guide at Bronco Off-Roadeo was anything but conventional.

Adventure in Her DNA

Born in Uvalde, TX, Moore spent most of her formative years in Alaska while her dad worked in the oil industry. During her last year in high school, Moore’s family moved back to Texas.

After graduating, Moore married and raised two daughters who are now 23 and 19 years old. Moore’s family always gravitated toward adventure when it came to vacations. “We skied, surfed, rode horses, and went off roading,” Moore said.

The Moore family explored purchasing a new Ford Wildtrek Sasquatch in 2021. When Jessica reached out to see if her order could be expedited, she learned that the Grey Wolf Ranch site was interviewing for a Trail Guide. After interviewing with her now boss, Mike Clouds, Moore’s enthusiasm for off roading was so evident she was hired on the spot.

Hooray for Hollywood

The Horseshoe Bay Off-Roadeo property is one of only four in the United States. The other facilities featuring Bronco adventures are in Gilford, NH, Las Vegas, NV, and Moab, UT. “The people who have visited all four say that our Texas site offers the most variety in terrain,” Moore said.

For those working for The Grey Wolf Ranch team, nicknames are mandatory. “On my first day on the job, I shot at least 500 photos. At the end of the day, over our two-way radio someone asked what my nickname would be. I wanted something cool, so I said,” Call me Hollywood,’” Moore recalled.

It’s an understatement to say that the Texas Off-Roadeo site is popular with Bronco owners from around the world. Grey Wolf Ranch sees about 20 participants per day, around 600 per month, and around 7200 per year. On the world map located at the Grey Wolf entrance, there are pins representing 22 countries including Australia, Iceland, and Romania.

Best Part of Her Job

Upon arrival, the Trail Guides spend time orienting each guest, and their traveling buddy, with the safety features of the Ford Bronco they will be driving. While the participants are off-roading, the Trail Guides are coaching at the front, middle, and back of the off-road caravan.

Moore enjoys the before and after process of what the participants experience. “I love witnessing a driver’s confidence grow. It’s fulfilling watching drivers overcome the terrain, seeing their smiles, and reading the email testimonials afterward,” Moore said.

When asked what’s the best part of her job as a Bronco Trail Guide, Moore said, “I’m just super thankful and blessed. I can’t believe I get to do this every day. Who knew I’d be working at a job doing something I’ve enjoyed since I was seven years old.”



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