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Travel Dreams Magazine is dedicated to the places and people that make living the dream come true. Our stories cover hotels, resorts, villas, and golf courses delivering unforgettable vacation memories. We also shine a light on entrepreneurs thriving on their own little piece of paradise.

What is your version of living the dream? Is it the anticipation of morning coffee from a spectacular balcony view? Is it dining at a restaurant where the splashing of ocean waves becomes your favorite soundtrack? The sights, sounds, and experiences you’ll discover in Dream Destinations promises readers the best in sensory overloads.

Travel Dreams digs deep to learn about those individuals who’ve decided that a vacation just isn’t enough. Our features include stories of people who believe that where you work is just as important as what you do.

Prospering in a job you’re passionate about is great! It’s twice as nice working on your favorite locale in the whole world.  Click our Dream Jobs page for articles and photos of those writing a dream legacy.

If golf is your extra-curricular diversion of choice, then Dream Golf will satisfy your inner golfer. The courses and individuals featured in Travel Dreams are  best-in-golf profiles.

We are honored every time you return to Travel Dreams Magazine for your next travel escape. Keep dreaming.

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Tim Cotroneo
Editor – Travel Dreams Magazine


Tim Cotroneo is the Contributing Editor of Travel Dreams Magazine.  

Tim specializes in writing hotel, resort and villa articles. He has a  passion for writing entrepreneurial success stories, as well as what makes your golf course unique. Tim shoots his own photos to accompany articles.

Travel, golf, and business articles can be viewed at:
www.traveldreamsmagazine.com and www.timcotroneo.com



Dave Finn is a member of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada, Golf Travel Writers of America, International Golf Travel Writers and Travel Media Association of Canada, and an award-winning photographer. He has traveled extensively throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. His articles and photographs have been appeared in Canadian Golf Magazine, Golf Oklahoma Magazine, Buffalo Golfer, BunkerShot.com, Top100GolfCourses, G Magazine, BC Golf Guide, The Province newspaper and the Medicine Hat News. Check out his website: www.golftravelandleisure.com


Patti Morrow was born with insatiable wanderlust, eventually following her passion into a successful career as a freelance travel writer, blogger and photographer. 

A self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie,” she specializes in women’s adventure travel and has traveled throughout most of the United States and more than forty countries and islands abroad.  Her byline has appeared in dozens of print and online publications.  Follow her adventures at Luggage and Lipstick, Facebook, and Twitter.